Saving Money Tips – Door Furniture

As promised in my previous post, I wanted to show you what great results you can get from just a little elbow grease and determination.

As much as we’d all like the new things, we do have to be practical, and sometimes a bit more sustainable with our choices and we shouldn’t feel bad for that either! My parents were preparing to put their home on the market and wanted to give things a little revamp before they did so. We managed so much, and like always we all pulled together to help.

My mum had painted the front door a gorgeous grey colour, the paint I’d bought from Aldi for less than £10, it looked absolutely lovely and really did give their home some more curb appeal.

Once everything was dry, she thought the current door furniture was really looking a little tatty, I’d recently discovered an amazing metal cleaner that I was using in a client’s homes to bring up their brass door handles, the results were fantastic. As I’ve mentioned before you can purchase it from Wilko, for £4 and I’ve linked it here should you wish to purchase it and complete your own little project.

It’s very simple to use, you will need to find some old cloths, my mother in law and Mum both cut up old t-shirts to use as cloths, this is the type of thing you want to be using. You put a small amount of the toothpaste type liquid on to your cloth and just rub the metal, and before long you’ll start to see results.
The tarnish will just come away from the brass or metal surface you’re cleaning. My Mum had used other brass cleaners but nothing had worked in this way. Eventually, after some hours of cleaning and Mum wanting it to look, it’s very best she ended up using the whole tube! Once you get to the point that you can see the brass/metal you need to swap cloths to a microfiber (we use the ones you can buy from Cost Co in bulk.. so it didn’t matter if they got dirty- just something to keep in mind if you were thinking of using your nicest cloths.)
Then you just buff the metal with the cloth, without any product.
She tirelessly continued to clean all the items until the tarnish was gone.. I just could not believe the results. It all looked BRAND new!

Let me know of your tips and tricks to save money and get real satisfaction!

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