I think if there were a medal for procrastination I may well be on the honors list! I cannot, no matter how hard I try to combat this little devil…

I noticed this habit whilst I was at university, I would attend lectures, collate the information for the necessary essay but never quite get into the workload, the flow… Instead, I would find everything possible to fill my time and not see the bigger picture.

It frustrates me this little cheeky devil of procrastination, it tells me “There’s so much time until that deadline, let us just empty the whole contents of your wardrobe and reorganising all of the clothes you vow to wear but never do!”

I’m even procrastinating now, the cheeky devil is taking charge of this blog post where instead, I should be completing my Tax Return.

So what’s the answer? Well according to this article it would seem that it’s a very common issue for many of us and that it runs in families and I feel I might fall into the passive procrastinator, the one who will go and clean the bathroom rather than complete something which is due imminently, the one who thinks its appropriate to binge watch an entire series of Downton Abbey (guilty). Sadly not the active procrastinator who may never write down a single thing but collect their thoughts over a period of time and deliver superb results by writing an essay the night before it is due.

I suppose for me at least I’m very aware of this trait and I have adopted many tricks to try and combat it by completing a task in short bursts, giving my brain time away so it thinks it’s not completing a task when it really is.
I’ve read various advice about writing your to- do list and completing the most difficult task first but for me, I just cannot seem to commit to this, instead… sadly I have to complete absolutely everything on the to-do list first and then tackle the boring task which I have absolutely no interest in doing, damn you Tax Return!

On reflection, this is how I complete most tasks that I really would rather not do; and to my credit, I do not miss the deadlines for things I instead chastise myself for not completing things quicker.

I think it’s important to note, why would that guilt and shame ever make me feel any better? I think the moral for me is…. yes I’m a bloody procrastinator but actually I think I’m okay with that.

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