Writing Bureau DIY

This lovely writing bureau came with our house, my fiancé uses it in his office and it’s been so handy, whilst we decide what furniture is needed around our home.

I decided that perhaps it needed a bit of a revamp just to bring it more up to date and it was looking a little worse for wear.

I took some pictures before I got started in the garden.. I’m not sure why it made it there but perhaps there was a reason for it! Anyway I was able to capture some very good before pictures:

The budget was tight and I didn’t want to spend too much on renovating it as we were in the middle of our kitchen renovation at the time.

I spotted some Zin Bin primer at my parents house and decided to use that as my base as I’ve heard such great reviews and it didn’t disappoint.

I removed all the handles and got to work priming it, making sure I painted thin coats.

I love Farrow & Ball colours but as mentioned I couldn’t afford the price tag, so I got in touch with Helen at The Decorating centre online, her business is amazing and she echos that.

I’d shown Helen pictures of the room it was to be going into and she offered some great suggestions of colour, in the end we ended up going her colour match service, where their tinting machine can mix 16,000 colours by just telling her the brand, colour and the colour finish… I couldn’t believe what good quality the paint was and she is able to mix paint for interiors, exteriors and woodwork.

The colour we chose was Monogram by Craig & Rose

I sanded a little between coats and started to paint, as there was no rush I left a few days in between coats so that everything dried throughly, nothing worse than tacky surfaces.

Once all was dry I did run into a little bit of a problem, where the writing desk pulls down the paint had dried, rolled and peeled.. at the point I went to a lovely lady on Instagram who paints furniture professionally and videoed the issue and she kindly replied explaining the following:

“Hello hunni,

If you get some medium & fine ‘finishing paper’ not sand paper and gently sand it back where it’s cracked until it’s smooth then prime and repaint lightly sanding with the fine paper in between coats, that should do the trick 😘❤️”

So I messaged my sister and asked her “where do I find this stuff!!?” And thankfully her boyfriend uses this type of sandpaper when he details cars for repairing (it’s a hobby he’s amazing at)

So I followed the directions and the results were absolutely mind blowing, you couldn’t even see the damage.

I toyed with buying new handles but didn’t want to spend any unnecessary money that I didn’t need to so I got to work with a cleaning product that you can buy from Wilko which people use on cars to polish chrome and other metals, you can find it here: Autosol

It’s only £4 and much cheaper than buying new handles! It didn’t take too long to get the results needed just a bit of patience- I’ll show you the results you can get with front door furniture in a later post- again saves you money!

Here’s the finished job….


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