2018 Recap

I’ve really wanted to restart the blog but with the perfection standards I always set myself I’ve really had to just push myself into this post, these are my most random thoughts and I’ll just cast them out there to see if they’re interesting!

I’d made some commitments (notice I didn’t write resolutions?) at the beginning of 2018 some of which are; focusing on friendships, friendships where we both get something out of. We all are too familiar with friends which only one person seems to benefit from the friendship, you’re their support, their sounding board and sometimes you walk away from seeing and them.. thinking “I feel exhausted!”

I wanted to spend more time with people who made me feel good, who I felt I could be myself around, who understand my quirks and never judge- this comes in the form of my closest school friend, Bethan. This person is so wonderful, she is one of those people as soon as you’re with her you instantly feed off her positive energy, never particularly concerned about what others think, and so confident in her own skin.

We had some lovely meet ups throughout the year, and in February we booked a city break to Lisbon, in June we enjoyed great food and company, it came at an ideal time for both of us.

We did take a trip to London in the height of Spring and had an amazing time at a converted car park called Skylight, where the very top level of the car park is converted into an outdoor bar area, with plenty of traditional garden games to play, I’m still not sure how to pronounce it but we played Pétanque, drank some amazing refreshing summery drinks and did what we do best….natter.

In terms of the house we finally completed our kitchen, this really was the most labour intensive, emotional area of our home.

We started it in March 2018 and it finally all was completed by the 22nd December; many friends have asked for a more detailed breakdown of how we went about this so I may well do a separate post all about this in the coming weeks, but for now I’ll leave you just with some pictures…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In September I made the decision to take a break from my small cleaning business, the with all of the house renovations, along with some other physical and mental health issues I knew I needed to take a step back, with this time off we visited Brisbane Australia to stay with family and that really did make a world of difference to how I was feeling.

Once returning I knew I still wasn’t feeling myself and with the aid of a dear friend I began therapy and I really wasn’t sure quite what to expect, or whether I really wanted to know why I was feeling the emotions I was.. but actually, it all came at the right time.

Now several months of meetings, I now know myself better than I have ever have. My therapist encouraged me to complete a Myers Briggs questionnaire and here I found my personality type. I cannot recommend this psychometric test enough, it gave me some much needed deep insight. When I found out my personality type, everything made sense to me, the only way to describe it would be to be like reading your horoscope but everything being accurate. More information on my personality type INFJ you can find more information here about the psychometric tool: MBTI Info 

I hope to discuss the therapy in a bit more detail in the future.

In the later part of this year, I’ve rediscovered my love for crafting. I’ve made two arm knitted throws, which are super cosy to snuggle under, I hope to make a few more this month for friends.

I reignited an old passion of voiceovers, so I’m currently working on those from home with a very simple set up, but again another thing to keep me busy whilst I decide where my career would like to go next.

In December, I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and also managed to make Christmas chutneys, chilli jam, and not to mention some caramelised nuts too! I wanted these to be gifts for people, so I asked a creative friend to make some beautiful stickers below so I could pop them on to all the items to make them extra special,  I added some bells which I got from the Poundshop (bargain!) and got to work on some air dried clay stars.

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetc29f4197-1013-4fe4-a12c-043f5bdc1429IMG_1673

Our cat is still as mischievous as ever… and I imagine thats something which will not change!


“Just keeping an eye on the neighbourhood”


“I’m ready for my close up”

“Is it dinner time soon?”

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