Adopting the visiting cat


When we moved into our home in 2015 we always wanted a pet but with the amount of work we had on, we never really had the time to make the commitment.

In the summer of 2015, I was minding my own business and this little black cat appeared in the garden, I looked over and just started chatting to her, immediately she ran over. I was so surprised and from that day she never stopped visiting.

At first, we thought she was just being nosey and one of those cats who makes a habit of visiting all the houses in the neighbourhood, we soon realised that perhaps she just really liked our company.IMG_4909

By 2017, she was still visiting but now she’d lost quite a bit of weight and we were  bit concerned, we started to check with neighbours if anyone knew who she belonged to and then after an afternoon of baking I turned around to see her eating the butter for the cakes! Nobody seemed to know who she belonged to and she continued to visit, we started to feed her just one meal a day to see if she gained any weight and within a few weeks she started to gain her weight back, thankfully.



By the end of 2017, we knew the cat, now named Viv was part of the family, she was never frightened by  the amount of DIY we had going on, she bought us gifts (who doesn’t like a dead mouse!?), meowed to come in, we’d even fitted a cat flap so she could let herself in when she needed to and every day without fail she just came back, we just loved having her in our home. We took her to the vets and wanted to have her checked over, make sure she was in good health.

The vet checked Viv over and was not able to find any microchip, so she definitely did not have a registered owner. We made sure Viv had all of her necessary immunisations, flea and worm treatment and lastly, she was microchipped with our names and address on! 🙂 IMG_8442IMG_8816.JPG

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