FINALLY….Feeling hot hot hot!

We disconnected our heating system in May 2015 which gave us until September of that year to have everything in place for the colder months, as you’ll recall from previous posts we were also having our windows ripped out and a new set of french doors fitted too- and May of 2015 was bloody cold! Screenshot 2017-10-28 19.56.24.png

The plumbing was going to be a full on task, our survey report stated:
“The property is served with a gas fired boiler situated within the kitchen at ground floor level, serving a hot water cylinder within the rear bedroom at first floor level. This all appeared to be in reasonable condition, but was not operational at the time of our inspection and we cannot, therefore, verify its current operational status. We recommend the installation be properly tested by a qualified heating engineer, to ensure it is both safe and operable. We do understanding that it is your intent to change this for either a pressurised or combination system and, as a consequence, this installation will therefore become redundant. The tank in the loft and the tank at first floor level will also become redundant.”

We wanted to replace the current boiler and hot water cylinder with a Combi boiler, our reasons for this is so the new boiler could be moved into the loft, that would then create room in the our tiny kitchen. By having a Combi system we then did not require the hot water cylinder, so this meant that we had a whole storage cupboard which would become available in the second bedroom. Our home has a lot of inbuilt storage so we wanted to utilise that.  For the house of our size a combi boiler was a sensible decision to make. The heating would be controlled by a Nest Learning Thermostat which we had fitted in our downstairs hallway,  I spotted this at a clients home and knew it would be something my partner would love. The ability to control the heating away from home, to have timers which can vary from weekdays to weekends, to see your heating use, for us all of this was valuable as we wanted to make sure we kept our heating costs down.

New radiators would need to be fitted in all rooms, the whole process was very similar to the electrical process, we wanted all of our pipe work hidden which of course is more work.
We spent a lot of time lifting as few floorboards as we could so we wouldn’t create a creaky old floor and trying to respect what was already present, this usually meant on a weekend we played spot the white pipework being pushed though a very small gap from another radiator, essentially I think of it as a circuit, all of the radiators linking up and connecting to the boiler.
Originally we had steel panelled radiators, they were absolutely huge and took up a lot of space in all the rooms, in the living room it ran the whole length of the window( 2 meters wide) and as there is a chimney breast in the room too, so it made the placement of furniture very tricky.


The beast!



We initially started looking at vertical radiators whilst planning the formation of our bedroom furniture and then my Dad pointed us in the direction of some column radiators, they hang vertically behind doors, or on a wall which is not being used and I have to say I blinking love them and something I would highly recommend, the freedom to move your soft furnishings *fist pump!*
We didn’t feel the need to spend a lot of money on these, so we opted for the Acova Column vertical radiator

Screenshot 2017-10-28 19.53.55


We did make sure that the British Thermal Unit was met for each room. (explanation of what this means can be found here)

In fact it was over what it needed to be for each room.. can you tell we’d spent a long time without heating?




Its new home!


So guys… finally we were able to sing…

“Ole ole – ole ole / Ole ole – ole ole

Feeling hot hot hot –

Feeling hot hot hot!!!”






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