Dad to the rescue


From my very first post I mentioned that our new home needed some drastic modernisation, when I say modernisation I mean we needed plug sockets, one original 1950’s plug socket in a bedroom was not going to cut it.

Whilst we were organising the new windows, we were also in amidst of having all of our electrics and plumbing brought up to date.
This whole process was a mind field, my dad thankfully is an electrician and plumber so was able to do all of the work, he thought of things we wouldn’t have done, it’s just in his nature to think of things such as “well if you have a power cut I think it would be useful to have an emergency light by your fusebox” and “You guys only have a very small light in the garage and loft, it’d be really useful to have a LED strip light as then we’ve future proof the room.”


We had a fuse box present and we believe it was from the 1970’s, the box itself was not dangerous but at some point the work would have needed to be completed to bring it up to date and although the fuse box was not a risk, you have no idea what wiring has be wired to the plug sockets you have, is it safe? How long will it last before it needs to be replaced? We always knew that we did not want to run extensions leads across rooms and wanted the house to be as safe and in line with electrical regulations.
With this in mind Dad began the long process of rewiring the whole house and fitting a new metal consumer unit. (ooo it’s so posh!)



The whole process was so interesting, each time my Dad ran new wiring to a room we discovered some astonishing and shocking wiring present. I think the kitchen wiring had been wired up with wiring you’d use for lamps! The wires had begun to melt, of course we had no idea and we had our kettle, toaster and all other kitchen appliances plugged into these sockets. The picture below shows that the plug socket had started to melt!



Having the additional plug sockets fitted made the whole house covered in dust, it involves lifting floorboards, chasing out the plaster in various walls and of course you still need to live in your home!



We opted for just simple white plug sockets and switches, in rooms such as the bedrooms, and living room we added sockets which have a USB slot so we can charge our phones/ tablets without having to use plugs. All of our light bulbs are LED or Philips Hue, (to be discussed in future posts.)  We did go a little fancy in our bathroom and as there was not an appropriate spot for a light pull or switch we manage to find a motion sensor light, this still surprises family and friends!

Oh, I almost forgot, the acoustic plasterboard and fire resistant plasterboard for the ceilings went up shortly after the electric sockets and light fittings were complete too!


Although the electrics were complete.. we still had the deal with small, tiny little issues, such as some of the 1950’s plaster and brick work!!!




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