When I’m cleaning windows

Right, where were we? Oh yes, I wanted to tell you about where we started first in our home.
We had a survey completed prior to moving in and we used a fantastic company locally called Cube Building Consultancy, we would thoroughly recommend them. Christine, the lady who I dealt with, was prompt and so informative. I arranged this part of our move, (I only say that as Mr Busy Opportunist had taken the reigns with the majority of the moving).
The survey was surprisingly better than what I thought it might be; can you tell the surprise in my voice? We knew that a priority for us was to replace the aged aluminium windows, they offered no thermal break and during the summer months when we viewed the property it was unbearably hot and now we had moved in the winter it was the polar opposite.

Living Room window before

Rotten wooden cil and aluminium frame

We searched Google images to look for a particular design we liked and we knew it was important to have windows with more than just two tiny openings. We came across a design known as Georgian Bar, we thought it would give us some privacy so we would not need to have nets or blinds at our windows.

We contacted various window fitting companies and to be completely honest their service from all but two was very poor; one company were very insistent on leaving their sample window in our lounge and then failed to collect when we arranged for them to! We had five companies to come out and quote and we had three quotes back, we were looking for the whole house to be replaced including two doors and the window in the dining room to be changed into french doors.

We did at first struggle to decide who was the best company to go for, it was our very first project and we knew we didn’t want to make the wrong decision, of the sample windows we’d seen they had all seemed very bulky and such little glass- so we knew what we didn’t like but we just needed to keep looking,

A friends parents had just had their windows fitted and recommend a local company who are FENSA registered, we decided to get in contact with the company and had a gentleman who was very knowledgable come and measure up for the windows, we liked his approach and he gave us his honest views on what type of layout we should have in the windows, none of the previous companies had offered this and as were not the experts it really helped us. He suggested frosting a window on the landing so that we had a bit more privacy, which now we are so grateful for. The company produce all of their own windows in their warehouse, which we were really impressed with. We were able to choose the type of frosted glass, and we were invited to the warehouse to chose the type of front door we liked, and  we were invited to look all around the warehouse to see the various different types of products they produce, it was a real experience and we are so pleased with the windows.

We had all the windows and doors fitted over a rainy three day period, they worked quickly and were very respectful of our home. I had no idea what the process would involve and it came as a surprise to me that all of the windows were fitted from the inside, so the poor weather didn’t cause too much disturbance.

Wooden Door before

Old single pane glass door to the property

All of the windows have the FENSA certificates and the bedroom windows open to create fire escape routes and you can clean them from the inside too!

For such a big purchase it really was the best idea to go with a friends recommendation, it made our life that be easier, knowing that our friends parents felt the company were reliable and trustworthy that gave us the peace of mind we needed. We are over the moon with the windows and the summer months are much cooler!

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