Finding time

It’s been a while! I could blame Christmas, New Year and any other public holiday but I’ve really struggled to find the time to make my next post.

So.. anyway, let’s get on with it. 

We bought a home which had had very little modernisation since perhaps the 1970’s. We’d been looking for some time for a home close to the Bedford to Brighton train stations, so that my fiancé could get to London easily.

We’d taken time out each weekend driving to different villages to get a good feel for the area, we’d looked at the houses, timed the commute to the closest train station, we’d made excel spreadsheets about everything! 

A few months passed and I was doing the usual searches on the estate agents websites and came across our future home, within minutes I had called the estate agent and had booked a viewing without even talking to my partner! The very next day on a very warm summers day I asked my Dad to visit the house with me,  we walked inside and even though the decor wasn’t to my taste, it was blisteringly warm inside (due to the aluminium widow frames!) I knew this was to be our home.

We shuffled around the house, trying not to give away too much to the estate agent but dad and I knew each other’s thoughts, we loved it! 

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