I’ve been wanting to document my thoughts and day to day  life for some time, I’ve written diaries in the past and it does give you a real sense of relaxation when you put pen to paper or in my case, clumsy fingers to keypad.

Im not a particularly great at talking about myself to people, I am much more of a listener I’d like to say and so this will be a real interesting project for me personally as well as creatively.

I do need to introduce you to our visiting cat; I’ve quickly and quietly taken this picture of her snuggled up beside me, we’ve named her Vivienne- Vivvie for short; she has been a welcome distraction with us having countless modernising projects going on in our home.



I live with my fiancé and we moved into our  1958 home in February 2015 and we knew to have the benefit of being close to a railway station and close to the motorway for my cleaning business we would have to make some sacrifices. We have slowly and gently been renovating our lovely house. I plan to go into much more detail about the process, fixtures and fittings and all that fun stuff in due course.

I’ve read in various places that blog posts should be short and snappy.. so ci vediamo!



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